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Empacgh is a site that lets content creators monetize their influence and make money from their content.

  1. On Empacgh, content creators can lock their content behind a paywall, allowing fans access for a monthly fee or one-off tip.
  2. Fans and followers can promote the content of their influencers and earn commission by doing so.
  3. Anyone (both creators and fans or followers) can join Empacgh membership and earn membership rewards and much more.
  4. All members can join Empacgh membership and earn from the views and other engagement to their articles or posts.

Empacgh makes it possible for anyone to earn from the internet at the comfort of their home with a computer or mobile phone with an internet connection. Read more in the questions and answers below:


  1. What Is Empacgh?

Empacgh is a subscription site that lets content creators monetize their influence. Creators can lock their content behind a paywall, allowing fans access for a monthly fee or one-off tip. Our site was founded in 2019.

Empacgh is a site, not an app. This is important to note. The site has a progressive web application (PWA) integration so users can save the Empacgh site on any mobile device as an app.


  1. Who Uses Empacgh?

Empacgh is home to fitness trainers, writers, artists, chefs, teachers, educational institutions, religious bodies, churches, Pastors, NGOs, Health practitioners (Doctors and Nurses) and more.

The purpose of Empacgh is to provide a platform for creators to create and distribute their content, build a following, and earn money.


  1. How Does Empacgh Work?

Empacgh is easy to use. Creators simply upload their content (videos, articles, photos) to the site. Creators can set their page to be free or paid, and fans then pay to get access to the exclusive content. While creators can create accounts for free, when they earn money from the platform, Empacgh pays out 80%, keeping 20% of the earnings as a fee.


  1. How Much Can You Earn on Empacgh?

Empacgh sets minimum and maximum subscription rates. The minimum subscription price is $2 per month, and the maximum subscription price is $99.99 per month. Creators can also set up tips or paid private messages starting at a minimum of $2. Paid tips and private messages can not only boost earnings, but help creators engage their fans and build a loyal following.


  1. How to Get Started on Empacgh

Unlike some social media platforms, you can only use Empacgh as a subscriber or creator. To become an earner, you just add your payment information to your profile and start uploading content. As we’ve mentioned, creators can set their own pricing within Empacgh’ minimums and maximums ($2 per month to $99.99 per month for subscriptions with a minimum tip amount of $2). Creators receive a payout every 20th day of every month, 80% of what they’ve brought in. Empacgh keeps 20% of the fees to cover the costs associated with running the Empacgh site and apps, hosting, and payment processing.


Get Paid for Empacgh Referrals

Empacgh also offers a referral program in which users ( Fans or followers) can promote content and earn up to 15% commission. Empacgh also has a membership platform for those interested in promoting the membership packages and earning monthly income from their referrals.

The 15% commission fee is deducted from the creators' earnings and the 20% platform fee. Creators can opt out of the affiliate program; in that case, the creator's content will not be available for affiliates to promote.

With the affiliate program, creators get the additional benefit of others promoting their content.